About Terran

Terran McNeely is a Toronto based artist. He studied at The Ontario College of Art & Design University where he earned his Bachelor of Design.

His paintings convey a sense of silence and isolation in a world where people are constantly faced with fast, fleeting imagery. His work asks those who see it to let go of the preconceived notions and conventional thinking that may reflect how we see ourselves. Each piece portrays a sense of introspection - a gentle beauty that is often lost in today’s masculine representation. With a focus on paintings that feature a distinct colour palette, his images aim to convey a sense of stillness and calm. The audience is summoned into McNeely’s world, where he questions various connections to the people around him and the expectations placed on who we are meant to be within society. This work is a reflection of his current life and perspective and serves as an invitation to discourse for all its observers.